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Donald Trump


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6 hours ago, manxman1980 said:

Would be interested to know why though in order to spot others with the same mental disorder.

It's not a mental disorder, it's a personality disorder. It's not treatable.

If you'd like to learn more about him as a person and how he thinks, acts and why, you could look up his niece, Mary Trump.  She is a licensed therapist and has done many interviews talking about him and his behaviours.

There are many clusters of personality disorders and it is thought that DT belongs to the Cluster B group. This comprises of anti social disorder, BPD - borderline personality disorder, histronic personality disorder and NPD - Narcissistic personality disorder.

His niece and many others believe he has NPD.


The key features of narcissistic personality disorder, according to the DSM-5, include an inflated sense of self-importance, lack of empathy and attention-seeking behavior.

People with this disorder often believe themselves to be exceptional and entitled to special treatment. They will demand excessive attention, take advantage of others, and have an inability to either perceive or demonstrate empathy.

People with a narcissistic personality disorder will also exaggerate their achievements and fantasize about being powerful, attractive, and successful.
While they will have no interest in others' feelings and needs, they will often have unreasonable expectations of what others should do for them. J
Jealousy of others is common, as is the belief that they are actively envied by others.

It's a weird one NPD, and it's said that unless you have direct experience of them it's really hard to appreciate just how devious they can be.  Charismatic, irresistable, charming, funny they are often chosen as leaders by people desperate for change, people who feel disenfranchised believe that they will save them and in the case of DT, he was , they believed, the only one who 'saw' them. He lowered their taxes, he pledged that they would not lose their right to bear arms. He hated the same people they hated, he disliked the same policies they disliked.They see him as the Messiah. Before Trump they were anxious that they were being marginalised and with that anxiety comes a hunger for charisma and Trump has plenty of that.

Narcissistic leaders are well versed in drawing attention to themselves. They promise much, and it can be some time before people start to realise that promises don't always materialise. Some of them never catch on.

Take the Mexican wall as an example. I saw a wonderful explanation today. Imagine the wall as Lego bricks. What was promised by Trump was a Lego wall of two thousand bricks.  What happened was a wall of five bricks. And yet yesterday, he went, to the Alamo (no coincidence) and praised his building of the wall, signed the wall. Made much of the wall but no-one ever thinks that, hey, it's only five bricks and it was supposed to be two thousand.

People love Narcissistic leaders. They are drawn to them. They're all over the world. They give the people a bold vision of the future - but they rarely deliver.

Right now he's seeing his power and his support dropping away. Right now he's terrified of going to jail. Losing his power is the worst thing that can happen to him. The shame of it overwhelms him. The shame of last week and the failure of his people to overcome the Capitol caused him enormous narcissistic injury. He is at his most dangerous right now.  He could do anything.




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1 minute ago, Roxanne said:

Oh boy, here we go.

He'll be absolutely raging.

I almost wish he still had his Twitter account. The meltdown would be epic. 

Think this calls for a wee dram. 🍸

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Funny, it says crucified. That will end up being his story. He will project a 'smear campaign' against him even though the smear was all down to him. That's what they do. Soon will come the pity party.  The go to of the narcissist once they truly realise the game is up. Poor me.

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44 minutes ago, Roxanne said:

His supporters are going to go absolutely ballistic.

I listened. Pathetic and scared. Scared of him.

And scared to admit they were wrong about him. As are most of his supporters, they all invested in the Trump showcase, were convinced by it, the glitz, the fanfare and razzmatazz and are now facing the 'higher you fly the further you fall' predicament.


Great summation about the personality defects there Roxanne, spot on. 

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