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Donald Trump


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8 hours ago, quilp said:

And scared to admit they were wrong about him.

Many never will.  Millions never will. Even as the evidence in his trial unfolds they will not believe it. They will think this is a giant smear campaign against him.

For many he was their saviour. He seemed to listen to them, he seemed to take on board what they wanted, and he delivered. No other President in their eyes has given them what they have wanted. All they see now is that 'The Left' has taken all that away from them. It's a dangerous time.

Biden's first job is to tackle the virus, and he's up against millions of Trump supporters who still believe, because Trump told them so, that it's all a big hoax. This, together with the impeachment, will be an upward battle for Uncle Joe to battle against.

Trump will never admit wrong doing. Not genuinely. He may pay lip service if he's seriously pushed into it, as in last week after the riots, but it's never genuine. The NP disordered individual can never admit wrong doing, it can never be them, it always has to be someone else. Even if it is proved without doubt that he is wrong, he will not admit it - take the election results as an example. To do so would bring so much shame to his already shame riddled psyche would be the end of him and that can never be.

NPD comes from childhood. These individuals carry so much shame, so much extreme shame that they cannot live as themselves.  They have to create a false persona, a 'mask' to get through life.  The Donald Trump we see is the false persona.  In the recorded telephone call with Georgia where he was asking them to 'find votes', we heard a different Donald Trump voice.  That was Trump with just a little of his mask down. Thinking he was talking privately, he allowed his mask to drop in order to persuade Raffensperger to do his bidding. That Raffensperger stood his ground is a testament to the character of the man. Many others would have caved.

My guess is that now he will play the victim. I hope so because the alternative is just too scary to think about.

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On 1/15/2021 at 8:44 AM, The Chief said:

one thing to come out of all this is that the world is probably a lot more aware of how backward and deeply unpleasant large swathes of the US is/are and how the land is anything but free.

Well their healthcare was never free!

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DT announces four more last minute Presidential pardons for cronies and acolytes.

Without any consultation with US Dept. of Justice.  (Sky News).

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