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52 minutes ago, Roxanne said:

Was it the finger pointing thing? I've just seen it. That was extremely weird. The new Nazi salute. Apart from the almost everything he said was weird.

Apparently, his presence is doing more to support the Democrats and subdue the Republicans than anything else. Everyone is talking about him and forgetting to talk about Biden. I can see a major shift coming in November.Just watch now as the republicans distance themselves from the abortion issue and from him.  Bring it on I say.

The finger thing is in reference to the Q Anon motto "where we go one, we go all". 

Many of the current Republicans running in the mid-terms are softening their stance on abortion, but anyone who's been following the abortion issue knows that if they get elected, they'll revert to type. 

Then there are some Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham who are doubling down. He's proposing a bill to make abortions illegal on a federal level. This coming from a man whose party is all about State's Rights, less federal involvement, smaller government etc.... but obviously only when it suits. 

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8 hours ago, Zarley said:

The finger thing is in reference to the Q Anon motto "where we go one, we go all". 

QAnon conspiracy theorists are very dangerous in themselves and are even worse when they are Trump’s supporters (e.g., these dangerous delusionists made up some of the mob behind the 6 January Insurrection). It is easy to dismiss them as just nutcases, but these people are anything but harmless - through social media their influence has been spreading like wildfires. QAnon started life in 2017 with an insane conspiracy theory about “elite Satan-worshiping paedophiles in USA”. Then they used this conspiracy theory to try to besmirch some Democrat candidates, but since then they have gone global and unfortunately have even found a vulnerable audience in the UK. I hope that we don’t have QAnon crackpots here on the Island, although the local anti-vax crackpots have some very similar menacing tendencies.

That said, the diatribe from homegrown right-wingers is not very far away from QAnon’s so called ‘teachings’ and ‘insights’. E.g., British right-wing rags run hate campaigns against Greta Thunberg – they portray her as a ‘bogeywoman’ - a threat to ‘the people’ and ‘our’ collective wellbeing. I note that they don’t go after Sir David Attenborough in the same visceral way, even though he is as committed to saving the planet from global warming/ climate change as she is, and says almost the same things about how urgent the situation is as she does (I wonder if Attenborough’s longstanding friendship with the late Queen is what ‘saved’ him from their vitriol). Presumably, if Prince Andrew was to marry Greta (who is about the right age), the tabloids would be fawning over her and be reporting her green credentials as quaint eccentricities befitting of her royal status.

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1 hour ago, Apple said:

He's running again for 2024.

Here we go......best hold on to something.


1 hour ago, GD4ELI said:

Let's hope someone with clout runs against him.

Lol, why the panic? The question is, does The Donald have enough republican support to back his nomination? I don't think he could muster that necessary endorsement today, let alone when it kicks-off in 2024.

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