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Fast Eddie's

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Let's hope this new establishment doesn't serve pubic hairs with their fries.


You seem to have eaten in some very strange places.




Been in strange places whilst eating.


It happens. Whilst staying at an hotel I was once served a cup of tea with a black short curly pubic hair floating on top of it. On pointing it out to the waitress, she said, "It isn't mine." and walked away. I'm not sure how that information was supposed to be helpful or improve the situation.

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Maybe Eddie's got in quick with the Development Fund.

Saw something on Facebook about some new Burger joint opened up called Fast Eddies - but can't see an address anywhere.   Anyone got any ideas of where it is and if it is any good?   I also look f

You seem to have eaten in some very strange places.   or   Been in strange places whilst eating.

As I said in my post about the Tuck Inn, I think this place will last six months before it goes bust.


The Tuck Inn probably survived on the school trade and I think this place will most likely have priced themselves out of that market.

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I agree with that Katman. I used to use the Tuck Inn regularly, people want sarnies, pasties and soup lunchtimes. I hate it when hard working business people fail, but sometimes that can be by not identifying their customer's wants right from the start. I hope it works out, but I can't see it lasting there.

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I love a decent burger.


Really didn't think this place was any better than a few others in town, especially given the premium.


I will try one more time as general feedback seems good but I was disappointed with the burger and the chips with am whatever the chilli thing was over the top.


Certainly want fast either, which I don't mind at all of the food is really good but I really didn't think it was

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Doesn't do an 'American Classic Burger'.

Doesn't do pickles or gherkins.


Does do grease.

Does do over cooked burger.


Sort of place you'd crave at 3.30 in the morning with a skin full on board.


Just please one place on this island that can make, cook a proper edible tasty burger. It really isn't hard.

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I couldn't really tell what the lady was saying; thought it was salt and vinegar. Got home and found gooey garlic sauce ladled all over the chips. FFS. Last thing I expected. Who even offers stinking garlic sauce on chips anyway?

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Gizo what's an American Classic Burger?

Maybe I should drop the 'American' bit but that's how I refer to a classic burger. You know the one, burger cooked to your liking, with crisp lettuce, onion, beef tomato, gherkin and pickle. Generous schlop of mayo slightly spicy in a burger bun. Cheese and/or crispy bacon can be added.


I can't see how this simple recipe can't be done, and if it is done correctly they will come.


Route 66 is still the benchmark.

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