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Exploding hover boards.

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Depending how shite the unit is it may not be charging that does it anyway. If LiPo batteries get excessively discharged (below 3.3V per cell), which is guaranteed to happen unless you put controls in place to stop discharging the battery before it gets to that level - which decently manufactured stuff does - they become very unstable.

Having tested lots of protection circuits dedicated to the task of protecting lithium cells from over discharge, they often go down to around 2.7V before the protection kicks in, whereupon the voltage does float up to around 3V again. I guess that's the absolute lower limit.. They do all however stop more or less dead on the upper limit


i see a few people quoting this voltage and that voltage but does the normal run of the mill tablet or phone give the non geeks amongst us this info?,no,so what on earth good is this mumbo jumbo to the normal peeps who will be wondering what this is all about,i use samsung devices and i've had nor heard of anything to send me to the OFT yet,although they [OFT] are a total waste of space.does one need a sophisticated meter of some description to measure battery performance?.

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