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The Last Book You Read


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Read it years ago and I did enjoy it. Still have it - just had a look. It was on the shelf between The Magic of Findhorn and Frank Kermode's memoirs Not Entitled.

I'm glad you mentioned Supernature as you made me go look and I found Kermode's book. Not sure what it was doing on that shelf, it should have been in the other room on the biography shelf. Been wanting to read it but thought I must have lent it out and forgotten... as you do. 

So thanks! 😀

The kid's book sounds good. Can't wait til my grands are old enough for that type of story. 

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Just finished 'Exponential', by Azeem Axhar. A fascinating read but like a lot of commentators on the technological explosion he doesn't address where the producers, the artisans fit in. It's almost as though folk forget all the innovations have to be manufactured and sewers kept open, dustbins emptied etc.

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I just finished reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. 

I have to say, Sanderson is a fantastic writer through and through. His world building is great and his characters generally seem to have depth and emotion which is pretty important for a good character. I recommend this book and this writer in general if you're into the fantasy genre. 

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