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Travel Camera Recommendation


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Best travel camera I have is a Canon S95 and a waterproof case :-) ..i have used it many time and friends always 'borrow' it when they go on holiday... works well but not travelled much recently, your welcome to try it, would prefer it used than just sit in a draw in the flat and not be used, comes with 2 batteries and a charger

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Oooh TF! I used to have a coolpix and I loved it. I was in the part of the forum to ask about good macro cameras (I like spiders and bugs) but now I want another Coolpix - handy I'll be going through the duty free soon :) anyone want anything?

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At the risk of being ridiculed...I take the whole shebang with me, Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm lens and 55-300mm lens, mainly because I really enjoy taking, or trying to take, pictures, but it literally does make up most of my hand luggage. I have a bridge camera [Finepix HS 50 24-1000mm] which I have been tempted to take, but not really competent yet. For me it's worth the hassle dragging the Nikon around. I'll post an image when I can figure out how.







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it's personal preference - I have taken my Canon DSLR and 2 lenses on trips and gotten some lovely photos but I don't always want to make the photo taking a focus of my holiday and the Canon is just too big and bulky for casual/relaxed pictures

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And another from the 930. The macro setting with fill-flash highlighted the detail nicely.




Had it enlarged to 8x10 without loss of sharpness. Quite amazing really as I had 35mm neg prints of the same kind of subject matter from 20years ago using my old OM10 and Canon A1 (I had the full kit of each, lugging them around, halo flash, tripod, etc., you get the picture [ha!]...) and amazingly, the 5x7's from the nokia side by side with the 35mm were very acceptable.


I've been bitten by the bug again and yearn to have the all singing and dancing digital SLR kit and editing suite.

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