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New driving licenses


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Not being one to moan but......


Mrs Duster has just received one of the new driving licenses following our change of address.


I am absolutely horrified as to the quality of this "so called" driving license. It is a basic plastic (poor quality and flimsy) card which has been printed on, just plain black print on a plastic card - which can be scraped off very easily - so the signature and other details can be removed very easily. And then there's the black and white photograph! What resolution did they use to scan it? 20dpi?


In these times of identity theft and fraud I have to say that I am absolutely amazed that the IOM Government deem this new card as an acceptable form of ID. And where is the address? Gone!


Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I'm gobsmacked!!! The Tesco Clubcard is better quality!

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Drivers now need to take unique code with them when hiring car overseas


The paper part of the driving licence was scrapped last month and motorists now need to obtain a special online code to give to hire companies to check their penalty point records.

The article relates to the change to UK driving licences. But the same rules apply to all motorists and car hire companies increasingly require the code - I think the car hire companies then use it online to check the driver. Does anyone have a link for the equivalent IOM govt site?




According to their FAQ


"Unlike the UK, all current information, including endorsements, will be printed on

your card and will be available for the vehicle rental company to see. You will not

need a ‘check code’ to enable a vehicle rental company to check your details via a

link to your driving record. The Isle of Man Vehicle and Driving Test Centre currently

deal with requests from vehicle rental companies to confirm driving entitlements and

endorsements and will continue to do so if contacted."


Hmmm. A 24 hour 7/7 hotline? I wonder why they always seem to want to do things differently.

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It'll be some civil servant claiming success that they've saved a few pennies by printing out cards on their mums inkjet printer, whilst making it all a bit crappier for us if we need to hire a car somewhere across the globe because the Avis representative in Nepal can't get in touch with Dave at the test centre because it's 5pm GMT and he's sat in the Railway having a pint.

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New EU format -


No directive to have the owners address or a colour photo it seems.


Printing them on a wafer biscuit is an option for Belgium, an onion for France, pizza for Italy and a Yorkshire pudding for the UK.


I suggest we print ours on a kipper (or white dog turd).

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The weird IOM driving licence already seemed a bit Mickey Mouse. I wish the IOM govt could just find a way to subcontract this sort of stuff to the UK. Or at least print ones which look the same.

Why? It isn't the UK. It's the Isle of Man. Are you determined to stamp out everything that is Manx in favour of adopting the "superior" UK version? Mickey mouse money next? Stupid stamps that you can only use on the Island?

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