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New driving licenses


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Not being one to moan but......


Mrs Duster has just received one of the new driving licenses following our change of address.


I am absolutely horrified as to the quality of this "so called" driving license. It is a basic plastic (poor quality and flimsy) card which has been printed on, just plain black print on a plastic card - which can be scraped off very easily - so the signature and other details can be removed very easily. And then there's the black and white photograph! What resolution did they use to scan it? 20dpi?


In these times of identity theft and fraud I have to say that I am absolutely amazed that the IOM Government deem this new card as an acceptable form of ID. And where is the address? Gone!


Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I'm gobsmacked!!! The Tesco Clubcard is better quality!

Seems to me that your wife just sounds pissed off as she looks a bit of a minger in a black and white photo on a shitty card.

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Are you determined to stamp out everything that is Manx in favour of adopting the "superior" UK version? Mickey mouse money next? Stupid stamps that you can only use on the Island?

Driving licences and passports are practical documents. The less recognisable, the less useful typically. If not having online car hire codes (and printing which quickly rubs off) turns out to work ok then great. That will be fine. But if people start reporting difficulties and complications abroad then not great.


Special bits of paper, flags, quirky ways of doing things and refusing to join in is not what makes the IOM special. That’s mostly about the relationship between the land the sea and the sky.


Also - my throwaway comment about the current licence already being a bit Mickey Mouse was not intended to aggravate cultural anxieties.

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