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But I'm not greedy and selfish. Fat from it really. I just don't have an issue with tax avoidance. And i'm not a hypocrite with it.


You've dropped yourself in the shit. Stop digging.


You have a delusional view of the finance sector. As you do tax avoidance.


You have benefited from it. I bet you've had no issue working for people earning a living in the finance sector either.


Let it go. You've been rumbled. You could just admit you dislike avoidance when it suits you.

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Ok, I'm done for tonight but consider this. There are about 10,000 people minimum employed directly or indirectly in the finance sector so who reasonably would rock the boat at a political level? Most

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Even when it is obvious that while legal, it is to the detriment of others?   Large corporations being "tax efficient" through their use of jurisdictions is effectively robbing countries of trillion

Ah so we're back to the "if you don't like tax dodging you're ignorant" argument. Quite ironic when you ignore at least 90% of what I say because it doesn't suit you.


Have you ever wondered what state the world would be in if everyone took your self indulgent view of tax dodging? If everyone woke up one morning and decided they were going to work in financial services?


It's just as well you're very unusual in world terms or the human race would have died out years ago.

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What about people in the building trade that evade (rather than avoid) tax?


What about them?

What's your view on it? You being in it and all.

It's totally wrong and I have no time for it at all. I have never done it nor will I ever do it. Obviously I know people who do - I don't condone what they do.

Er......owned Monkey Boy.

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