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The happy thread - post things that make you smile :)

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when I look at my wife......ah! She's the best.

no i was meaning the other one

+ 1. Best night's work I ever did meeting mine.

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5 hours ago, llap said:


I like the song, but in my opinion The Chain was their best. I loved that song well before the BBC got their hands on it for the Grand Prix / Formula 1 theme.:)

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Had to capitalise the "f" before the gramma police saw it.
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Good song, I hadn't really listened to it properly before even though I have it in the greatest hits on my iTunes. I also like Sara, Gypsy, Sisters of the Moon, Landslide. I prefer the Smashing Pumpkins cover of Landslide personally.

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Just astonishing and so pleasing.  They and their families must have been so desperate. I just hope some slightly eccentric boffin will come up with an ingenious plan to get them out, because this has to be one of those incidents where straight line thinking won't work. 

I bet they have full tummies now with steamed pork and sticky rice. 

Fingers crossed for them. X

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