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Gawne defends £473k Sloc Road resurfacing: ‘We needed to spend money on something’


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So completely resurfacing 2.75 miles of road costs just less than £500K the Prom is around 2 miles long and twice as wide. So now we know a complete resurface of the Prom would be under £1M.



It isn't that simple though is it?


The prom is a fucking shambles. It isn't just about skimming the top and replacing it.

It is a shambles, but the worst part is the road surface. Get that sorted and everything else will seem irrelevant.

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As I'm sure you're all aware, another thoroughfare has had a new road surface. That's right, Corlea road. If you don't know where that is, it's where a load of HNW live, in Minister Gawne constituency and completely off the beaten track. And yet 1000s of proper roads remain untouched.


On a positive note, I've beaten my cycle time on it recently, so alls well.

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There's an interesting item in the latest Tynwald Agenda, hidden away in the Schedule - supplementary capital authorities for 2015-16. This is a mere £8 million plus[1] where spending has gone over that originally budgeted for in 2015-16. It is claimed that much of this is due to 'timing' in other words stuff due to be done in 2016-17 being carried out ahead of time. Some of that may be true, but, because the evidence for that is authorisation being obtained in the February Budget, it's easy to put an over-run you already know will happen into next year in the Budget and 'then bring it forward' - even though it was always going to be spent in 2015-16[2].


As no one will be surprised, the biggest appearance on the list, both in terms of number of items and total spend is from the DoI. Item 25 is the 'Strategic Highway Refurbishment Programme', under which resurfacing the Sloc would presumably come. This had an original budget of £1,625,000. Far from being underspent as Gawne claimed (justifying the spending on the Sloc) the DoI actually spent £2,439,436 - going a massive 50% over budget. Some of this is claimed to be work brought forward, whether accurately or not, but £460,683 is pure overspend which they haven't even tried to hide.


So rather than 'needing to spend the money on something', they were spending money they didn't have.



[1] £1,650,000 is for the purchase of the Former Drill Hall - Tromode by the DHA, which may be a separate story, but technically isn't an overspend.


[2] For example you would have though the Peel Road works would have been completed a while back, but £103,111 was budgeted in February for 2016-17, which somehow then got spent in the next six weeks.

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Yep, there is a lot in the Tynwald Agenda.


Do you expect many of our elected members to query much of it? If they do they are branded trouble makers, the 'vocal minority'.


Eddie Teare loves this excuse of timing. Another phrase for 'timing' might be 'smoke and mirrors'.

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So the DOI have littered the countryside with street furniture every 300yards with a 50 speed restriction on the sloc. 
This govt doesn’t have the balls to have an adult conversation about National speed limits but restricts speed by clandestine methods. Furthermore, it appears the restrictions won’t be in place till after the TT, so it’s ok for the come overs to have a blast but not the locals. 

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