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I would say he's almost certainly maduncleronnie.


He's not funny either.

Maduncleronnie speaks sense to be fair.



He can spot a jouster at 100 paces


almost as though he has a jouster radar.....

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The arc of moral Ronnie is long, but it bends towards jousters.

Well what proper Manx fella would want to spend any time with jousters and that? Nobody, that's who! You don't get any jousters down the Legion that's for sure. That's where I spend me time most days now the weather is better. Not in them jouster bars with that expensive lager and that. I saw that Eddie Lowey in the Legion the other week. I painted his house once. It was 1996 I think. Never met his missus though. She must have been on holiday when I was up doing me painting. Now there's a proper Manx fella. I bet you'd never see him in one of them jouster bars drinking that expensive lager and that. Just like Alex Downie and young David Cretney. All in the House of Lords together now they are. Proper Manx fellas them!

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Yea I alsosaw him down there too many years ago in my football days ,he was reffing the game and patted me on the arse as the teams came off for half time ! He said I'd made a lovely run!! Or something like that?

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