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Off Road Biker Menace


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Multiple reports of him trying to push motorcyclists off bikes in the past too, doesn't do it if there's a helmet cam in sight though....



well at least he's not completely barmy

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I have met him on the lanes and tried to have conversation with him however he is not easy to have a debate with. The roads that are used by the bikers are mostly in better condition now than in the 1980,s when I started using them thanks to the dot,dhpp daff etc and the work of volunteers. They are repairing lanes more frequently now and the lanes are more robust. The lanes where damaged by the very intense rain on the 6th of December last year this caused more damage then the last 5 years of use. There have been volunteer work parties repairing this damage as well as doi doing there bit.

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''...Perhaps if so Many Manx born people agree with them he should give them a go at publicly complaining about it, instead of just telling us how many there are....''


Be careful what you wish for?


I'm pretty certain a poll of the public would see the lanes closed to all vehicles and some to horses? Not least because so few people actually use them that it is of little consequence to them personally to vote to stop the damage.


During my trials days, I can't remember the upland links being that exciting! What is the attraction? Speed?


Surely there are more exacting and skilled tracts for trail riders to use, possibly private land?

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The IOM has some quarries that are popular with the off-roaders. Why not embrace the fact it's a popular sport and actually augment them with built in ramps and mud pits. Basically power-playgrounds.

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