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Mid-Summer Night's Dream

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I'd really been looking forward to the BBC's production of A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, but my goodness was I disappointed by it.


Having Theseus as a cruel dictator added nothing to the story and simply got in the way of the humour. It's meant to be a farcical comedy. Why try to make it sinister?


The humour was flat, the setting got in the way of the story and the modern additions were superfluous and gimmicky. Such a shame.


I'd hoped Matt Lucas would make a perfect Bottom, but no, the end result was highly disappointing.



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Absolute crap wasn't it. Been looking forward to this but easily the worst MSND I've ever seen. Was Damien Hirst the director by any chance ? It certainly looked like it. You have to ask just how did it get so far as to transmission stage and why wasn't it pulled before it even got past pre-production and rehearsals ? But did you notice how wonderfully modern and multi-cultural it was ? Hardly any Shakespeare in it at all. I hope the critics give it the good pasting it deserves this morning.

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