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Pubs closing

Tempus Fugit

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The "problem" with Nightlife is the same problem the brewery seem to have with lots of pubs. They want to charge £4 plus a drink. When you target audience (in the case of Nightlife) are 18-25 they simply cannot afford £100 nights out.

They are missing a massive trick these days. It is really quite sad.

I was in there 3 nights a week when I was a young pup. It was always packed.

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Ah the Royal will pick up most of the others. Maybe get more people back in the Mitre (God I love the Mitre). Traf is usually busy as it is anyway, so that'll be grand.


Also: Back in 2010 was the other time Nightlife shut



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The brewery needs to move away from alcohol and into coffee. We don't have enough coffee shops of the island.


Nah, what they should be doing is lobbying and applying for recreational drug licencing. The days that the rabid anti drug crowd like notwell and Tarne yearn for, the dancing around handbags whilst consuming copious quantities of alcohol before conga-ing down to the kebab shop and then back to my place for a semi comatose shag are long gone. The world has moved on.

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What we need is, someone to make a device that enables the new yuppie's to talk on their phone while eating chicken (various types of fried) and drinking coffee.


Coffee flavoured fried chicken washed down with fried chicken flavoured coffee.


I'm not at a stage in my life where I can plough my money into that winning combination but someone will and will absolutely clean up around Douglas.

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