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Barrie Stevens

Hitherto unstated complications of Brexit

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I think Cameron's resignation was only to be expected. The more surprising or depressing thing was the disappearance of those who fronted the leave campaign. None of them had the courage of their convictions.

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you must know some thick people? all referendums are advisory but it would be a suicidal pm to ignore the vote




You mean like quitting the day after the vote?


He had no option really, did he? Nowhere to go. He had been laughed at by the EU in his "renegotiation", and his strategy had been rejected in the referendum. He could scarcely have gone back to argue the total opposite position.


he was [and still is] a snivelling fucking plonker in the pockets of goldman sucks and the rest of the financiers,good fucking riddance.

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And yet for you all your nasty words aimed at him, he will still be laughing his way to the bank....literally.

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