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Ramsey Candidate seeks to balance Tynwald and work


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Vote for me. I might actually turn up some of the time if work doesn't get in the way.


Sounds like a vote winner.

He seems a good candidate.


But I tend to find that the people who harp on about work life balance all the time are usually lazy twats.


Work life balance = I'm a bit of a lazy fucker. I get paid very well and I don't really want to work any harder for what I get.



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Well you can be an MHK and hold down a job elsewhere.


Zak Hall did it with his flying aeroplanes.


And that Phil Braidwood was oft seen in his Post Office licking old ladies stamps.


As long as you leave Tuesday mornings free it should be ok. Which can work out at £1000 for a mornings work although Isuppose to get that much money you would have to be on a Department too. So make that two mornings. Still, it ain't bad. Put your phone to 'answer on' (as most of them do anyway) and you've pretty well cracked it.

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Singer continued to hold down a part-time job (as a pharmacist) for many years during his political 'career' but seems to be making a meal of Allinson planning to do the same. Blatant hypocrisy. Singer is now 73 but happy to be introduced on Manx Radio as in his 'late 60s'. Really hope he doesn't get in again. The guy's a slimeball.

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