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Religious Extremism


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Omg the irony - Stanfield tweeted yesterday:


"What kind of house will you build for me? , says the Lord" Acts 7:49 / Are you building a house that mirrors the New Testament blueprint?"


What kind of house?? *a really big 5 bedroom luxury detached like yours mr stanfield, please*

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Seen the front page of today's Examiner?


Just been out to by the paper to see what you mean. FFS, are people really that stupid. What is inside their heads to follow this clown like sheep.

Disgusting waste of money when there are so many REAL needy cases that could have put those donations to better use. I'm appalled. mad.gif

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It seems that the Pastor J really is Living in Hope....


I have heard rumour that an email that has been sent from the church to its flock requesting them to dig deep into their pockets to the tune of £150k, because Pastor J might have overextended himself on his new purchase of a >£500k house.....


The good Lord will provide, I'm sure.....


As it happens, I am a bit short on my new Porsche 911 Targa fund. Wonder if the kind folk of MF would be prepared to gift me £150k??

Oh, and I will personally guarantee your passage to heaven if you contribute.




booooom! Still a bit short on the Targa fund though guys... Repent and I shall drive....

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I think this form of fund-raising only works if you ask for a luxury home, loads of international jet-setting or a salary that means you can resign from your director-level finance job. That's what the LH leaders spend the money people give them on, anyway.

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