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Experiment in direct democracy

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As predicted, the recent mindless calls for another election amid vague and ambiguous whinging on Facebook have indeed been pushed and engineered by design from behind the scenes. The so-called "Direct Democracy Isle of Man" nonsense has again reared its ugly head.



The Democracy Isle Of Man website is now live. Be part of the movement for positive change and empower the people. The election is only four years away.




Didn't two of the people behind that website stand in the last election and lose?

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For a politician to rely on an internet poll to decide how to vote in Tynwald shows either huge naivety about the reality of the internet or incredibly poor judgement.

I think Stinky was just having a laugh. Though surely in a direct democracy if 51% of us say you should get a haircut, you should.

8 minutes ago, maynragh said:

No. The person behind the website you’ve linked did not stand in the last election. Even a basic search would have told you that. And they also had nothing to do with the website that was the original subject of this thread. HTH. 

Oh dear. What a load of nonsense, although I predicted this would be the likely evasive answer. That new URL is advertised on, and by, the exact same Direct Democracy Isle of Man page on Facebook that the previous Direct Democracy was launched from. Are you seriously suggesting no connection?

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11 hours ago, maynragh said:

I notice that the person who is behind the website and the Facebook page you posted has identified themselves... and that you have seen this. 

Don't worry, I won't wait for an apology. 

We're not getting Scampi round two are we? 

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Actually, if you go through that Facebook group, it was definitely ground zero for publicising the democracy.im website. It looks like they've gone to some effort to delete as much as possible to indicate this link, but they've missed a few. There is clearly a post by Hampton in which he mentions a direct democracy collaboration between Phil Gawne and Juan Kelly (the latter being the person behind the page). So, clearly there is a link.

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