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None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see.

That applies both ways. Especially were someone appears to be so delusional that they appear to believe that canvassing is almost beneath them and that if people can't automatically vote for a concept sold to them on Facebook that they are naturally too stupid to be bothering with. Maybe you need to get offline and realize that world is somewhat different to how you imagine it.

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Maybe not at yours but I got one today.

If you're heading down the tip tomorrow have you got room for my fridge? I don't want to be queuing behind all those people trying to dispose of manifestos in an environmentally responsible way.

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What a sanctimonious left wing bore you are. I can see why you support this nonsense. You and Hampton appear to be the same sort of tired 1970s Citizen Smith lefty types who apparently are seeking to give the government more control here under the guise of a new democracy.


Defo not left wing !!

Ive been a member of lib dems and more recently Green party in Ormskirk. Returning back to IOM I would love to see party politics established rather than the nonsense which has landed my homeland in the mire.

Sorry sweetheart but your posts really do seem to epitomise everything that is wrong with Manx politics (personalities over ideas)

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They were going out in two batches as not all had been collated ready to collect on Thursday, so the last ones should be arriving today. If you don't get one please do let me know. I've had a few calls and messages from people who've received them so I hope it's all going to plan.


Technically I didn't pay anyone to deliver them, we all did ;-)


Postage for one manifesto per household is paid by the government, it is the only funding provided to candidates. £1200ish worth of stamps.


I'll post up a full account of what the election actually cost me when we're all done, just for those who are curious. So far I've had the initial introduction card & postage of the same, posters, hall hire & £20 to CCGM for legal / media advice. I don't know what the manifestos have actually cost yet but mine will be on the cheaper end of the scale as they're B&W printing on plain white paper.



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Why are there two polling stations at Ballafesson chapel?


Because there's two separate polling districts East Rushen and West Rushen. Election administrators have always split areas into polling districts for convenience of handling at busy times. Sometimes they vote in separate places but often they're just separate tables in the same room or separate rooms in the same building. Because people are used to being in the same polling district they tend to leave the boundaries of these unchanged.

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