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Why are there two polling stations at Ballafesson chapel?


Because there's two separate polling districts East Rushen and West Rushen. Election administrators have always split areas into polling districts for convenience of handling at busy times. Sometimes they vote in separate places but often they're just separate tables in the same room or separate rooms in the same building. Because people are used to being in the same polling district they tend to leave the boundaries of these unchanged.



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attachicon.gifjw 2016 2.pdf


There you go. Sorry for quality etc but I had butcher it to be able to scan it.


Also, someone needs to tell me how to make files smaller so I can upload them onto here in one piece thumbsup.gif



Thank you very much for posting those JessTickle


Interesting that Mr Watty wants to see a 'Commissioner for Greater Confidence In Public Institutions'

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He's a professional Manx man with a young family


& the right skills to redesign business processes


I assume you mean Watterson - I'm expressing no objection to his election. Skelly, on the other hand...

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