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General Calibre of Candidates

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MR 18th July


A commercial finance director has announced he's standing in the 2016 House of Keys General Election.

Tim Baker, 50, will contest the new constituency of Ayre and Michael.

Married with two daughters, Mr Baker believes he could provide new ideas on how the Island deals with the international financial environment.

A Cambridge University graduate with vast experience in the world of accountancy - he was a Group Financial Director for DLP Limited until this year.



Well, from that brief precis, he sounds like a better calibre of candidate than many we have seen recently. Time will tell, no doubt.


Devil in the detail - he WAS a group financial director - does that imply he is presently unemployed and at 50 why did he leave.

If he's any good as a finance director he's probably retired early.

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In the context of this point though notwell, with the exception of kids, you have people earning below £20k who would see an MHK salary as being appealing


I was more responding to the sweeping statement of finlo (back by omf who doesn't have his finger on the pulse ) that most people here are on less than 20k.



Care to show me where I said that?

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It might seem harsh but it's as though some 20k a year people have seen a job with a 50k price tag and gone for it without having the foggiest notion of what is going to be required of them once elected hired. I cannot think of any other reason why they would think they are suitable.


You're talking about the finance industry I presume?


Or the real world were most people over here are only on around 20k per year


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