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Suicide Squad


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Such a great concept. Decent cast (except Leto trying to be Ledger). Decent concept. Big budget. Yet Hollywood screwed it up with a shitty plot, weird directing and just general Batman vs Superman level shittiness. Just wth is going on. Why can't they do a decent movie anymore? Very disappointed with this. :(

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I went on a rare cinema trip over the weekend because other plans were foxed due to weather and this was all that was on and I left utterly unimpressed. Wasted opportunity ruined by poor storytelling, dreadful character development and a complete lack of self awareness.


The only bright spot in the film for me was Joker, which I was pleasantly surprised by. He was never going to top Ledger, which still stands as the definitive Joker portrayal for me, but he did enough for it to be interesting and different and I would have liked to have seen a lot more of him.

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I went to watch it yesterday as I was killing some time in Brighton


I thought it was ok.


I agree that the character development was shocking, it was basically a Deadshot film. Also it felt lazy, the second slipknot appeared I almost said out loud "well he's going to die".


But for a film to stick on and not really think about too much, it was enjoyable and well produced.

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Also it felt lazy, the second slipknot appeared I almost said out loud "well he's going to die".



I have just been doing some reading up.


I stand by the lazy comment but I see that what happened to Slipknot is actually true to the comics so that seems fair enough.

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Watched it last night.


Long sequences how high speed cuts during overly long and film length padding fights against bad guys of no real consequence to the "heroes".


"Pretty" but you can definitely tell the portion of the film where they decided to do the massive reshoots...the first two thirds of the film are jammed with iconic music tracks, which then switch to generic "tension" music.


The bar scene was good, and made the "heroes" more personable, however the film suffered from massive pacing issues.


Over all I think DC are just too far behind Marvel in the Superhero movie race, and with out proper character origin/introduction films before the big "get together" movie, it feels overly busy with too many characters for me to invest in (who the hell was Slipknot and why do I care about him...same with Katana, you could literally remove her from the film and it would make no difference to it).


5/10...it would be a 4 if it weren't for the fact I didn't have to pay to see it.

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