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Demonstration of promenade

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So you clearly prefer to be technically uncaring rather than actually uncaring?

No, I prefer to not jump on ridiculous bandwagons driven by idiots.

I'd suggest maybe they are just caring people who rather than sitting at home finding reasons to nitpick the constitutional relationship between the IOM and the U.K when it comes to immigration just want to try to help people.

I'd suggest they're thick as two planks and jumping on a bandwagon started by a left-wing fanatic who also happens to be an anti-Israel bigot.

Oh dear, a rant against anti semitism. We know who doesn't like any of that don't we?

Other than you, who mentioned anti-semitism? I said he's a left-wing fanatic who is an anti-Israel bigot. Put it this way, I don't recall seeing him demonstrating when Ethiopian Jews were being persecuted and were seeking refuge and everyone in the world turned a blind eye except Israel.

I still don't know who you're talking about, who is it?

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are you a plane?

If the countries that have already allowed a massive influx of so called refugees were able to kick out all the economic migrants, rapists, terrorist sleeper cells, hate preachers, self entitled scrou

There was a demonstration on Douglas Promenade today regarding refugees, the people involved want the Isle of Man to welcome them. What cloud are these people living on, seriously, we have about

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Don't know the answer to all this. On one side it would be lovely to take in some safe families and help them start there life again. As a civilised society we should be thinking of doing that. On the other hand we have no houses free and long waiting lists for the same. Bearing in mind we have a static population that becomes a massive problem. Also the schools are overflowing now with too big class sizes already and I'm sure there struggling to cater for the different nationalities. Then you get on to the health services and what seems to be a acute problem to get anywhere near acceptable standards of care in most if not all areas. I've first hand experience of waiting lists and even something like eye Consultancy is 2 years and mental health services .which you would imagine might be needed has a 8/9 months waiting list for physiologists . I'm sure there's many other issues . So what's the answer .I really don't know if honest but it's not as simple as just taking them in as to do that we have to be able to offer them a decent new start in life and it would seem we can't at the moment as we can't take care of our own. Maybe if we withdrew the overseas aid payment and used that to help some that would help but still doesn't get near in improving the lot of our own

I've never heard so much rubbish in my life. If we don't have sufficient social housing, if we can't afford to educate children or treat the sick then one of two things need to happen; either the Government need to spend less money on other things, or it needs to raise more money via taxation. How anybody could think that the best way to do this is to remove the food from a starving child's mouth is completely beyond me!


We already give a pitiful amount to overseas aid, many times less as a percentage of GDP than most, if not all other developed countries and far below internationally agreed guidelines.


If you think that we can't offer refugees a "decent new start in life" because of the problems you state, then I would go and live in Syria for a while and then see what you think.


It amazes and saddens me that as a nation we are only too accepting of uncosted tax breaks for millionaires, yet think the concept of helping people in dire need, is a bridge too far.

To be fair if your line of work wasn't dodging so much tax we could give more. Remember you told us all that.


Told you all what?

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Nope. You 100% said you knew people doing cash jobs. To be fair you never said you did them (I'm sure you never have done..) .


You then tried to back track. It was a touch uncomfortable for you. But don't deny it.


As I said at the time (and plenty agreed) someone who works in the building trade shouldn't be lecturing on tax avoidance.


You should be on at the Villa as a fluffer for Al Murray on Wednesday

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