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Demonstration of promenade

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Nope. You 100% said you knew people doing cash jobs. To be fair you never said you did them (I'm sure you never have done..) .


You then tried to back track. It was a touch uncomfortable for you. But don't deny it.


As I said at the time (and plenty agreed) someone who works in the building trade shouldn't be lecturing on tax avoidance.


You should be on at the Villa as a fluffer for Al Murray on Wednesday

Pure fantasy, you're a liar - it doesn't matter how many times you say it, it doesn't make it true. Everything I've said on this forum is on the record, feel free to quote it.

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are you a plane?

If the countries that have already allowed a massive influx of so called refugees were able to kick out all the economic migrants, rapists, terrorist sleeper cells, hate preachers, self entitled scrou

There was a demonstration on Douglas Promenade today regarding refugees, the people involved want the Isle of Man to welcome them. What cloud are these people living on, seriously, we have about

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I did at the time quote it and your were furiously back tracking. It was embarrassing for you.

It didn't happen and we both know it. You're refusing to quote it (as predicted) I also predict the "plenty" you mentioned that agreed won't show up and verify what you say, you don't have the intellect to embarrass anyone but yourself. You sir, are a liar.

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