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Demonstration of promenade

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are you a plane?

If the countries that have already allowed a massive influx of so called refugees were able to kick out all the economic migrants, rapists, terrorist sleeper cells, hate preachers, self entitled scrou

There was a demonstration on Douglas Promenade today regarding refugees, the people involved want the Isle of Man to welcome them. What cloud are these people living on, seriously, we have about

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Done it. It's there in black and white "obviously I know people that do"


Obvious really

OK and a few posts later, after you'd taken that differently to how it was intended I said


"Poor choice of words, nothing more. I know people who prefer to be paid in cash for some jobs - do I know whether they declare that cash? No. Do I have any way of knowing? No."


Seems pretty clear to me. Do I know people who avoid taxes? Statistically I probably do (and just so you don't similarly take that the wrong way, no I don't know who they are specifically)


I know a couple of guys serving time in the Jurby Hilton too, does that make me a criminal?


I know a guy who got locked up for having indecent images of children on his computer, does that make me a pedophile?


I used to work with a fella from Munich, does that make me German?

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Nope. Nothing was taken incorrectly. Your statement was categoric.



You said you knew people that worked cash in hand and didn't agree with it but nevery did it. You couldn't have been much clearer.


Forget your back tracking once you realised you had shown yourself to be a hypocritic and well as being complicit in knowing about tax evasion.

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It is 100% clear what I'm accusing you of. And that is that when I asked you about people evading tax in your line of work (the building trade) you clearly said that you didn't do it yourself, you knew people who did it, and you didn't condone it.


I'll copy and paste it in tomorrow just so you can refresh your memory.


You then spent several pages trying to back track when you realised what a clusterfuck you'd made.

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Read the thread Notwell, you got me wrong, admittedly aided by my poor choice of words but you got me wrong. I know guys who do cash jobs, lets leave it at that - do I know whether they declare that cash, no I don't, we're both men of the world.


Back on topic though - I could be Ken Dodd's accountant and that still wouldn't even come close to justifying why the IOM should stand by and watch people in dire need suffer or perish in the Mediterranean. Why we should fail to find the merest scrap of humanity between us.


This is something I feel very strongly about and the way you've wrongly interpreted something I wrote six months ago doesn't begin to justify our shameful lack of action in this area.

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Oh dear indeed.

A public admission of nastiness. You now have a problem with people who are against anti semitism?

What a coward you are. You insult retired Manx Women and you criticise those who oppose anti semitism.

Verminous opinions from a very rude individual.

Arent you ashamed of yourself?

Not at all...


LOL. Sounds like she has you figured. smile.png

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..our teachers are struggling at the minute with large classes with multi race children in some with poor language skills.




This is a huge problem already but the government departments/schools lie and massage figures to suit their purpose, "it's a problem they are resolving" NOT! In the UK they have primary class sizes of 27 and they're the 5th largest class size in the world - What's that you say about Henry Bloom Noble and it's 36 kids to a class? (that might have just been when they were angling for the new school - but the facts remain). The education of children is important, there is absolutely no reason why the Isle of Man should not be a centre of excellence for learning, we should attract the best teachers and have the best schools.

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