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I don't get how you are posting here and using a twitter account given your antipathy to e-mail and the internet. Have you "persuaded" someone to help you?

I just shout at people and they do stuff because they're scared. The more desperate I get for a job I'll just shout louder to more people and get them to do more stuff on the Internet for me. They all know I'm a bit of an angry bastard and if they don't do this stuff there will be big repercussions. As long as I get a job I don't care.

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Won't even click on the link as that sort of stuff really is vile, like FB where you can't help but scroll through stories of unimaginable cruelty to animals and children. There is nothing faintly amusing about it.


But, back to Willaston John, have you got any references? You know, possibly in envelopes on your 'To Do/Ignore' pile.

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Thanks for your interest Gladys. Yes I can get a load of good referees any time I want if you know anyone with a vacancy. All I have to do is ask as very few people would refuse to give me a reference as I'd make their lives an absolute misery if they did. I'd just aggressively harp on about it, and then harp on again about it until they'd give in and finally put pen to paper. Especially someone like Tony Wild. If I scared the shit out of that little fucker he'd probably write me a reference for the next vacancy as Pope if I wanted one. There's nothing better than a job reference on official Legco letterhead paper to speak volumes for your credibility.





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