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"Bless" this House

Manx Bean

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I'm stunned that nobody has started a thread on this - or is everyone on here a member??



I think probably because the comments on IOM Today are already so good. I particularly liked the one about the £150,000 funding gap. Personally I only have an £80,000 funding gap between me and a new Audi R8 if anyone is feeling generous. I'll sign anything promising you a life of eternal bliss if you can help me in meeting my funding gap to buy a ridiculous luxury item for my own exclusive personal benefit.

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I think this should be taxable in his hands.

As for the donors, fools are all to easily parted from their money. Some will suffer unduly, others merely deserve to lose money they probably never earned in the first place.

Sadly you are very right. These people give their money voluntarily under some sort of collective delusion that they are saving their soul from eternal damnation. It's their money.

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Why not go to the fairy bridge and pin it to the tree for the other imaginary people, so much like the one they worship!!!

I'm pleased to say that on inspection I know none of them who hold office in any official capacity.



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