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I wrote another one...

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I must be a sucker for punishment. If you have younger ones in the family they may well enjoy!


"848 AD in the land that would be known as Scotland. Two great forces - the Scotti and the Pict - enjoy a fragile truce which is threatened by the arrival of Ivor the Boneless and his marauding Vikings.


The invasion would cause turmoil in the region, and shake the foundation of this land to its very core. Hamish McScabbard – son of a powerful clan leader, could be all that stood in the way of Viking domination.


He’d have to stop a battle that would take a generation to recover from!"


Sample below.








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Actually, Ivor the Boneless is mentioned in the Ancient Welsh Triads of History.  So someone like him actually existed.

So this Book might be something I might like to take hold of someday.




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