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Children's Social Services - Will we ever get it right?


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7 hours ago, censorship said:

There have been huge improvements over the decades, and the provision of children and family services today is almost unrecognisable compared with the 70s, 80s and 90s.

I agree, insofaras the number of social workers has grown considerably over the years. Also, the levels of knowledge and expertise should have gone up, and there should be better policies and procedures.

However, I believe that some of the changes have been retrograde. Social workers used have relatively small patches, which meant that they got to know the communities they served and the other professionals working in the area, and would deal with most referrals in their patch from beginning to end (and subsequent re-referrals), so relationships and trust were built up. 

Yes, it wasn't perfect and mistakes were made, but I think it definitely had merit, and should be re-considered.

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Many who have read my previous comments will find what I have to say next rather surprising.

I have a great deal of sympathy for any conscientious social worker who has entered the profession in the belief that they will be able to help children and families.

For them, gaining employment on the Island must be a real eye opener.

We have a SS workforce that consists of, (percentile wise), a huge number of transient workers answerable to no one.

Managers who have never had their own children but know all about children and families because they read a few books about it and studied them for about 12 hours a week over a 3 year period to get their degree.

Professionals who are so insecure of their abilities that they have to state, "in my professional opinion", every time they have one of their numerous daily meetings. Might seem like nothing but when it is coming from a person with no personal experience of children or from someone who's family lives in another country - think about it!

If I were permitted to name names on her I could tell you of some who, given the opportunity, would have made excellent social workers, people who would work for the benefit of the children and who were prepared to work with families to help them through difficult times.

I would name one who was, according to SS management, lacking in the experience and knowledge to continue as a social worker, who was relieved of their cases, and then made the 'Independent' Chairperson for the SS Child Protection Meetings.

15k a year more to keep their mouth shut!

Today's situation with SS could have, and should have been averted.

Unfortunately on the Island  we have a succession of Political Departmental Heads who, like those employed by SS, have been more interested in protecting their 'position' and stroking their ego's whilst ensuring the Gravy Boat is not rocked, than exposing abuses that may occur anywhere in government.

Thankfully Peter Karran was not one of them.

Peter Karran was often ridiculed by his colleagues and the local press.(A press edited by the son of one of Mr Karran's biggest critics who sat as a MLC).

Whilst they were enlarging their membership by trying to bully Mr Karran no mention was made of the fact that the house consisted of -

Our former Chief Minister, Alan Bell, who gave the likes of Quayle and Crookall such responsibility over the future of the Islands children was proven to lie to the House about Mount Murray. 

Our, now, Chief Minister, Howard Quayle, who despite being sent to a private school for the one to one tuition it offered, had to re-sit his A levels. This is the same man who as Minister when the current investigation was approved by Tynwald, in order to impress his political mates and his intellectual superiors in SS, joked that those who made complaints didn't matter because they were scum

Tim Crookall, Minister for Education, had a list of qualifications as follows -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Make them up yourself.

Do I need to mention another former Minister Gawne? Set fire to a couple of houses because they represented the foreign invasion of the Island. Trouble was, they were built for Manx people!

I can go on but do I really need to?

( I will not mention the fact that our current Minister for SS was aware of complaints and offered evidence years ago. Some poor civil servant will have to write his excuses if I do).

Bell was a dishonest man who gave dishonest cronies jobs so the Gravy Train kept rolling.

Unfortunately for Quayle, the man he wanted to impress so much, Bell got of at the last stop and left Quayle locked in the toilet.

How long until the present Gravy Train commuters decide to eat their own sweets and leave the fat kid in the toilet to dig himself out of the overflowing shit?






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Due to the recent upsurge in cases of long term sick leave being taken by social workers, their managers and support staff the Department of Health and Social Corruption has announced that all genuine families in need will have their cases handled by the available experienced managers under the age of 30 who have a wide range of comprehensive expertise gained from text books.

Whilst the DHSC always endeavours to provide excellent service for its staff, it acknowledges that in this time of exceptional sickness leave some of those abused by our staff may find that our services fall below our usually near perfect record of corruption and self service.

In the event that you feel you have not been treated at levels customary to our victims please address all complaints to:

The Officer Responsible For The Continuation Of Our Cushy Number Or The Chief Executive Or MHK's But Preferably The Telephone Box Outside.

Department of Self Advancement and Protection and Many Excuses and The Word And and complaints.

Government Buildings

Point of Ayre


Obviously not a public notice but would our resident Political contributor care to explain the coincidence of a disproportionate number of SS staff implicated in the, soon to be released, report suddenly  suffering from long term illnesses?

Obviously there can be no connection between the report and their illness's, it must be purely convenient for their careers, pensions and the DHSC  that they can not be held accountable for their actions due to illness.

Bloody good job they were not given three months notice of when to go sick so they could obliterate potentially explosive evidence against them and the DHSC.

What were the reasons for the sharing of the full report with the DHSC whilst withholding it from, not only those who helped formulate it, but also the taxpayers of the Island who pay the wages of those 'ill' employees as well as yourself.

I do hope you will be able to report publicly just how many of those implicated have conveniently gone sick, left or taken early retirement since the start of the investigation and how many of them specifically took these options once the announcement of the ,protectively, delayed publication of the report.

Sorry, forgot. 

Your current term will be up by then and your pension secured.

So go on Chris Thomas, stop bullshitting.

Give some answers.




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28 minutes ago, Speak The Truth said:

Full report due in Tynwald 17th October.

Full report to be shared with contributing families 2 week's prior to the Tynwald sitting.

That's today.


It has not been shared nor have the families been informed when they will receive it.

Couldn’t help but notice that you completely ignored my question.

Is that because...

A) You don’t have an answer


B) You don’t want to answer

Either way, by using a public forum to publicise your campaign but then refusing to debate the matter you’re in danger of making yourself look like a hypocrite - which I’m sure you’re not. Just an observation. 



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18 hours ago, maynragh said:

Couldn’t help but notice that you completely ignored my question.

Is that because...

A) You don’t have an answer


B) You don’t want to answer

Either way, by using a public forum to publicise your campaign but then refusing to debate the matter you’re in danger of making yourself look like a hypocrite - which I’m sure you’re not. Just an observation. 



Don't be too sure about that.

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