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Equality Law - The "Gay Cake" Issue


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10 hours ago, Chinahand said:

The case says you cannot be forced into making political statements. 

The unanswered issue is whether “Congrats Adam & Steve on your wedding” is a sufficiently political statement for someone to refuse irrespective of who is ordering the cake. Let’s say it is one of the grooms’ heterosexual mother. 

It's not completely clear in the judgement I linked to above (judgments try not to second-guess different cases), but reading it,  I suspect any future lower court will say that it isn't political and so not protected.  Such a 'statement' would be about individuals rather than policies and so not covered by any political exemption.  Unless I suppose the baker was ideologically opposed to all marriage, in which case they shouldn't be producing wedding cakes.

The (perceived or stated) sexual orientation of the person doing the ordering is irrelevant, unless that was actually stated as being the problem.  In which case it would be wrong - even under the US 'Masterpiece' ruling.

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