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Albert Road School Ramsey


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Interesting application, its a pity they couldn't be a bit more imaginative with the design for a site which is prominent in the town. There's enough 70's tat around the place, something that reflects the 21st century would be welcomed.

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Looks fine to me and i'm glad something is happening there. It's been long overdue.

I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that there will be the usual moaning.


I think there is going to be some development over the road too on the old School site which would also be great.


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Both Albert Road and the sheltered accommodation scheme up the road are so poorly thought out design wise its scary. These buildings will be there for probably 100+years. The worrying thing is the designs aren't quite bad enough to be refused planning and anyone objecting is seen to be anti development and stopping the town moving forward.


Albert Road is the centre of town, surely a project the whole community could benefit from would be more suitable (There was a community centre approved there, although it was attached to the Church on the Rock). Here's a thought, move the bus station over there, incorporate it into a community hub and free up the dilapidated station for the housing/offices (and get the station out of the TT course).

Ramsey has a habit of accepting anything just to have something, look at the town hall, a poor pastiche straight out of toy town and the one size fits all swimming pool which takes no regard for the site.

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