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Cronkbourne Village For Sale

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I don't know for sure but I suspect those houses are not great at all in terms of condition. I think years ago there was talk about a lot of damp down there.


It's a plot price to me because I assume anyone buying it would look to demolish and rebuild.


If the condition is poor they probably are not mortageable so any financing to private buyers (in FTB manner) would need to come from the commissioners or government.


Does anyone know much about those house? They look tiny. Are they all one bed?

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I still call them the pink houses

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that at some point they got rerendered in cement. Anyone who renders an old stone/rubble cottage in cement is a fucking idiot.

As I read it they're going as a job lot. They won't be selling them off individually so families can stay there and do them up or for people to buy a cheap house to get off the housing list. It will g

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The worst type of property for a first time buyer who will undoubtedly be targeted by whoever takes them on. They will be a money pit and will quickly deteriorate if owners haven't go the money needed just to keep them in reasonable order.


A fine example of heritage the conservationists will say, actually their built of rubble and would be better of reduced again and the site redeveloped.


If Government really wants to keep rubbish like this then it should fund the maintenance - this isn't Cregneash.

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Didn't they all have tons of money thrown at them a few years ago (probably longer than I think) because of the damp?


IIRC they had some considerable work done to them 10yrs+ back. Aren't they also the subject of conservation/heritage conditions, I seem to remember that was part of the reasons that work was undertaken at the time?

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The entire village and the school house are registered, i.e. Listed. The buildings cannot be demolished. They are too small to be brought up to a reasonable modern living standard. The only way I can see is to make one dwelling out of two. The cost would be prohibitive. Nobody has produced a sensible plan, which is why it sits near derelict.

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The cottages stood empty and half demolished, wrapped in plastic sheeting for several years In the early 2000's. Then a compromise was reached with the conservationists and they were 'modernised' and extended. Big sums were spent.

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