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Promenade Resurfacing


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There's more to the state of our promenade than the roadway. The bomb sites and abandoned buildings which adorn it from one end to the other and into Lord Srteet are all contributing to the dismal face which we expose to the world.



Don't go out then you ugly bastard.


I'm quite sensitive you know.

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2 hours ago, Tempus Fugit said:

so is this plan version 4 or 5 being released now ?

I've lost track, let's see if they have, and where the tracks will go on this one :lol:


I saw on 3Fm they are saying the cost is the equivalent of £150 a square foot. I'm sorry but where do they get these mind boggling stupid figure from? The DOI couldn't save money if it tried. It has to be the most useless and spendthrift department by a country mile. 

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10 minutes ago, Albert Tatlock said:

He already has...you not seen half of his press releases? Lobotomised. Signed up...hook line and stincker.

He's a mumbling, stumbling incoherent village idiot. You can bet your backside that his senior civil servants are pulling his strings. He struggles enough with his scripted answers in HOK..and completely crumbles when anyone comes back with a supplementary. Hopeless.

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I was talking with a couple of guys during TT week. During the course of the conversation he stated that he was a retired civil engineer who had spent the last ten years or so on motorway construction. I mentioned that our elected clown (Gawne at that particular time) had mooted £23m. He couldn't believe what I was telling him. Forgetting all the fancy shite that they are trying to con us into thinking we need, just fixing the road properly would cost circa £5m from one end of the prom to Summerland.

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