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No plans for new helmet law

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How many cyclists on the island are getting admitted to hospital every year with head injuries due to lack of appropriate headgear? Is it, err, hardly any? It's not a problem is it.

I don't know. How many unnecessary deaths and traumatic brain injuries would you like to see before you think its a worthwhile idea?


I bet there are far more head injuries suffered by people in cars.

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Seat belts come with the car, so there's no additional hassle or expense putting one on.


Cycle helmets aren't that dear and it's hardly a hassle to put one on.


I was getting right hand shoulder and neck pain, which I eventualy realised was down to the awkward way of reaching for the seatbelt in a recently purchased car. A cycle helmet it a lot less hassle


But unlike driving a car without a seat belt, there's very little risk to riding without a helmet. It's an unequal comparison.


Anyway, cycle helmet is a lot more hassle, because you have to take it with you when you are off the bike, unless you wander around with it on. If you borrow or rent a bike you would have to bring one with you. If you mislay your helmet, you wouldn't be allowed to ride home. Whereas the seat belt is attached to the car.

I've always left my cycle helmet with the bike. Not had a problem yet.


I'm not advocating compulsory wearing of cycle helmets, just commenting that I wouldn't ride a bike without one.

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The call for compulsory helmets is coming from belligerent car drivers looking to make cycling more of a hassle and therefore less popular.


I can see the need if you cycle to and from work everyday on main roads or do race biking but for popping to the shops in the same village or visiting relatives a few streets away?


That sounds like a silly argument and the distance travelled has nothing to do with the risks involved. I had you down as smarter than that. Maybe you're just trolling?


I've had two crashes where my helmet saved me from worse injuries. One was fifty meters away from where I lived at the time when another cyclist crossed the road between cars and I t-boned him at full whack, the other was when I entered the underground car park at home and didn't see that the concrete ramp was wet and as a result slippery. Both were solid impacts and the helmet took the brunt of it. I'd never, ever cycle without. It's just stupid.



That sounds like poor riding skills, you shouldn't have been travelling at "full whack". I ride defensively and slowly, like I said, aggressive or serious riders like you would be better off with a helmet. But I'll not be taking safety advice from someone so morally reckless and poor at risk assessment that he ran a campaign against the perfectly reasonable suggestion of an all-Island speed limit, simply to use as a platform for his political ambitions.


Boris Bikes (are they now Sadiq Cycles?) are rented out in London without helmets, would a law like this effectively kill off that kind of casual cycling.



Declan, stop trolling, seriously. Based on my ride mapping app thingy, I've cycled more than 10k kilometers through Manila traffic alone, plus a few thousand more in other countries, and those two were the only serious offs I've had. I'd say that makes me a reasonably experienced and competent rider. Still, both incidents would have been enough to cause a lot of harm had I not worn a helmet. The arrogance you are displaying now quickly ends when you wake up in hospital. Also, it may not be your perfect self who causes the crash, but someone else. With full whack I meant normal cycling speed, little time to break. In real terms still only a few miles an hour, but enough to do harm when you approach the tarmac head first.


Also, please stop with your stupid bullshit comments about what I did against the speed limit or other stuff. We've been there too many times before. I know that you hate me for some reasons I've never really worked out and quite honestly don't really care about, but the speed limit thing had fuck all to do with the decision to run for Tynwald. The decision to do something against the outright idiotic DOT plans back then was born on this very forum ten years ago and I would have done that election or not.

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