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Bushy's To Defend.....


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....Right To Use 'TT" On Products.


" Bushy’s Brewery is set to lock horns with the Manx government over using the letters ‘TT’.


The Santon-based company has this afternoon issued a statement on its Facebook page to say it is ‘seeking legal advice’ after being told by the Department of Economic Development it has breached trademark legislation in relation to the world-famous Tourist Trophy road races held in the island each summer since 1907.


The statement reads: ‘In November 2014, the company registered trademark number UK00003082238 for “Bushy’s TT”, a brand we use on our popular annual T-shirts and stickers.


‘However, we’ve been informed by Isle of Man Government that they consider us to have breached their trademark on the letters “T.T.” – despite no objection being raised when we registered “Bushy’s TT”.


‘As a result, the department is now demanding we stop using the letters or else it will pursue us in court and seek to overturn our registered trademark.’


Managing director Martin Brunnschweiler said: ‘It does put us in an awkward situation being told five months before the festival that we can’t use its initials – our planning for the event starts very early.’ "


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Here's Bushy's details: https://www.ipo.gov.uk/tmcase/Results/1/UK00003082238?legacySearch=False

Here's the government: https://www.ipo.gov.uk/tmownerid/search?domain=1&id=27795&app=1&name=isle+of+man+government&postcode=


The government should have been given the opportunity to object when Bushy's registered.

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Freedom to Flourish. For a collection of overpaid dickhead CS more interested in licking their own arseholes.


Do they not realise that Bushy's is one of the most recognisable local TT event brands? They should be encouraging operations like this to build and promote the event. Perhaps instead of squandering 300k on a "World Series" and then trying to back out of the Vision 9 arrangement.


We are truly screwed with these pricks in charge. No confidence vote in Skelly called for.

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When I read this I thought it was an early 1st April - April Fools joke. I think the joke is Skelly and the highly paid civil servants. Unfortunately it's a case of big brother telling the island how you will lead your lives and what we say goes. Like other posters have said, DED have squandered vast sums on failed TT World Series and Vision On ventures plus failed pop concerts which have lost money. By Bushys using the TT letters it's hardly going to affect the IOM or DED trademark or intellectually property rights.

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