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John Wright

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Found this on IOM today an interesting read ! and parallels involving government and farmers LOL !


The IOM isn't in such a bad state as Jersey but is getting very close. Jersey has a population of 100,000 compared to the IOM's 80,000+.

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That's a very interesting article, and clearly very similar to our situation. A clear plan is required for our future. Maybe I'll come up with one.

Well the Isle of Man doesn't look rich. So what happened to the money here?

A lot of it went into reserves that have then been used to cushion the loss of hundreds of millions of pounds of VAT.

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Any bunch of idiots can brainstorm a wish-list.


It would have been far better if they prioritised and produced a much much smaller list consisting of:


We are going to do this because....


It is a priority because of....


We are going to fix it by doing this....


It will be done by DD/MM/YY


Dream on....

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