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More dodgy dealings from Living Hope


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Let's take time to remind ourselves that a certain Elder in the cult is a Director of the high street bank that lend Louis Group a considerable amount of money that will never be recovered.


There seem to to be quite a lot of connections between the Louis Group (RIP) and the Living Hope Church, don't there? And of course those running the former made much of their Christian ethos. Perhaps its failure was God's way of telling them something about worldly goods and all that.


Not that it seems to have had much impact on Living Hope. The very interesting link to a Tynwald question that someone gave earlier showed that in 2013-14 the Living Hope Community Church Ltd had income of £931,600. Given that most of the other charities above it on the list showed either the consolidated figures for their UK operation (such as the RNLI or RNIB[1]) or derive most of their income by providing services for the IOM Government (such as St Christopher's or the Corrin Home), it makes it one of the top earning charities on the Island. Unlike most of those other charities there was no equivalent figure for expenditure, so they may well have been stockpiling the money.



[1] Obviously this was meaningless in terms of useful information, but sometimes Tynwald answers are obstructive and unhelpful out of habit, even if there is nothing to hide.

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Can tithing your members under threat of punishment and public shaming actually be classified as " a charitable donation" ?????


No but then they are not really a charity in the charitable sense, I would love to hear what work they actually do to help the community that is not just a form of recruitment, over to you Rob perhaps you could ask your buddy Rousseau.

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Kopek ,was it not Voltaire who said that the adoption of a religion by a state would give the lowliest cleric unlimited powers , I agree that the government should distance itself from any religious organisation , particularly in relation to education.

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