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So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem


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3 hours ago, woolley said:

Is it? He's an animal of the EU as his previous conduct demonstrates. Looks like he now believes that everyone apart from himself has it wrong. It does rather illustrate all that is bad about the EU. The options he offers are that you stay in or enter a state of vassalage. A good argument for abolition. 

It's worth reading only if you can keep an open mind about things and process them on merit.

So you don't need to bother....

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1 hour ago, woolley said:

Says the most open minded poster on the forum. 


Don't forget I'm constantly pilloried by the zealots like youself for staying in the centre ground where the excesses of both right and left are clearly visible.

There are none so blind....

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So not only is Boris threatening Channel 4 with pulling their broadcast license if the Tories win (after replacing him with an ice statue at the climate change debate along with Nigel Farage), getting told off adding Tory propaganda leaflets with postal vote deliveries, they are now in trouble with the BBC for using their staff in Facebook adverts.

There seems to be a troubling lean towards American style "dirty" campaigns rather than proper electioneering.





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18 hours ago, fatshaft said:

Did you notice the number of votes in Scotland for unionist parties? And then there are those who voted SNP to try to keep the Tories from a majority in Westminster. I know quite a few. Also there are a lot who want to be in the EU but would not go for that at the expense of leaving the UK. By no means a done deal in the foreseeable future. I could see the result being similar to last time. On balance I think I would give her the referendum gracefully and say get on with it. Denying it only gives the Nats more leverage. I still reckon most Scots are canny enough to see which way their bread is buttered. If not that would be sad but goodbye and good luck. Don't get your arse trapped in the door on the way out. 

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On 10/4/2019 at 4:05 PM, P.K. said:

  "They don't vote tory so fuck 'em...." 

Oh wait. They do!!

This is what comes of asking people to make a policy decision and then ignoring their answer and telling them they are stupid. The populace has taken its retribution. My faith is somewhat restored.

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