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So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem


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51 minutes ago, Freggyragh said:

Cabinet has no option but to back it - they promised the country a unicorn, and a £39B donkey with a dildo on its head (Copyright PK)  is the closest David Davis, Minister for Exiting the EU, Liam Fox, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade and Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, could find. The liars were given over two years to make the deal they reckoned would be easy. No doubt Davis and Johnson, having jumped ship, will now try to save their reputations by shouting ‘that’s not a unicorn!’ as loud as anyone. :whatever:

There’s an upside though - the thickest people in the U.K. are now vowing to never vote again because they never got their unicorn. :)


46 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

You're getting more hysterical than PK.

no votes happens in cabinet thicko's.......

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