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So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

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i was at a business forum in london last week, they had a snp msp giving a speech who said they had a fully costed plan   my question was-   how will you fund the 70% of lost income from the UK? h

It's interesting, there is very little willingness on the part of Remain supporters to acknowledge there was a philosophical or political justification for wanting to leave.  Freggyragh's post exempli

ms krankie has not got the bottle or the support

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so the snp cunts cult dont want to join the eu after all, another win for methumbsup.gif


the irony of snps questions today-


to promise HMRC jobs for Scotland. the HMRC that operates in the uk....

If she could guarantee the financial stability of an Independent uk from the eu


weird if they are leaving........

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You make a claim and then demand I prove a negative to refute your claim.


You unintelligible chimp.

FFS. He's been winding a group of you up on this since Monday morning, but predictably you're the last one still here taking the bait and having your chain yanked. You call him a chimp but he's making a monkey out of you without trying too hard. ermm.gif

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UK is £1.7T in debt. Trade deficit is £166B p.a.


The Eurozone countries have circa 9,000 tonnes of gold in their reserves, the US has circa 8,000, China 1,800, Russia 1,450, Japan 765. The UK has only 310 tonnes.


In terms of economic potential, the The UK ranks below China, US, Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, Switzerland, Italy, India and Russia in number of successful patent applications.


The UK has done really well out EU membership and selling itself as the gateway to Europe. Otherwise it is a poor country and is about to cut off its best source of income.

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How so? It astounds me that there are so many seer's on this forum; so many who're able to predict the future and cocksure that brexit spells doom and disaster.


Ffs, it hasn't even happened yet! No one can at this time accurately conclude the outcome.


The EU has also done well out of the UK, it hasn't been a one-sided affair. People seem to think along the lines that because the newer members of the EU appeared to enjoy prosperity and security, the UK will lose all that. This, forgetting that those newbies economies were in a shit state to begin with. Also, the UK is one of the biggest and influential of the partners. The EU has never had any protocol in place to deal with the loss of one of its bigger players; so they have no idea what will happen.


It would seem better that everyone, instead of wild imprecise speculation came back to this thread in a year's time and discussed the situation then.

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