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So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

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i was at a business forum in london last week, they had a snp msp giving a speech who said they had a fully costed plan   my question was-   how will you fund the 70% of lost income from the UK? h

It's interesting, there is very little willingness on the part of Remain supporters to acknowledge there was a philosophical or political justification for wanting to leave.  Freggyragh's post exempli

ms krankie has not got the bottle or the support

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"However, the European boss of Toyota warned tariff-free access to Europe was vital to the future success of the plant.

Johan van Zyl, president and chief executive of Toyota Motor Europe, said: “Continued tariff- and barrier-free market access between the UK and Europe that is predictable and uncomplicated will be vital for future success.”"

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Er. No. UK throws billions into the EU black hole. It performs a similar service to Scotland but the difference is that Scotland has been a part of a hugely successful coherent union for 300 years, is part of the British family of peoples having a shared history and taken a full part in the former British Empire. Not everyone in Scotland who votes SNP wants independence and not everyone who votes SNP is against Brexit. Let Nippy have her vote. She's on a sticky wicket. If Scotland leaves the UK it also leaves the largesse of the English taxpayer. Total opposite of the UK leaving the EU. The result will be to stay in the UK by a wider margin than last time.



Oh jesus, quoting a theresa may soundbite now are we?


There's very few SNP voters don't want independence, I believe 5% last time it was polled.


Not everyone who votes Labour is pro-UK. Not everyone who votes tory is Pro-UK. Not everyone who votes lib-dem is Pro-UK. Not everyone who votes green is Pro-indy.


As for "English" largesse (Wales & NI don't contribute to the UK exchequer now eh?), gimme a break, that's proven nonsense, so if you're going to argue, at least base it on facts.

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spain gets mentioned alot with regards to a independent scotland joining the eu, bavaria looks like a bigger problem....



It does, and yet whenever a spanish minister is questioned on this, they always come up with a 'no problem' answer. Funny that eh?

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Just posted so we have a source. No idea on who did it yet, it's developing.

Story says one of arrested suspects is a 17 year old student. Sounds bit like a Columbine type thing. Tragic stuff for sure, what's the connection to the thread topic though?

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Indeed, but Scotland are already kicking themself in the face in the first place. Make no mistake this is about power mongers in Scotland wanting more power, not making things better for Scots.

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