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at last coarse fishing comming to the iom

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soon to open coarse fishing on the iom not be for time just show the government what it has been missing out on

not only that what all us coares anglers have missed out on biggrin.png



I'm picturing blokes in army surplus with baseball caps - sat along a filthy canal drinking Double Diamond and smoking No 6s.

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Reservoir licences staying at their same very high price



It's not really that much though if you're more than a twice a year person!
That's the kind of thing notwell would say.
Isn't it a bit like a golf membership or a gym membership? It's horrendously expensive is you fish once and buttons if you are fishing every day.


Also a cheap form of feeding yourself potentially too.

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I go half a dozen times a year. I have never once left Injebreck without the quota. On average, the Rainbow are around 3lbs in weight and provide at least eight generous portions and they freeze well. For the whole day of quiet solitude and a bit of sport thrown in, with the full packed-lunch, even on a rainy day, at 16quid odd it's a cheap day out. My kids loved it too, especially the first few caught and the battered trout, chips and mushy peas that followed.

Nowt tastes better than the one you caught yourself.

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