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Mrs Yang's


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Funny, my parents recently visited the place and told me without hesitation it was the worst Chinese restaurant they'd ever frequented (They eat out - a lot).


One man's meat ......


I shall try for myself.

Real Chinese food is quite different from the usual pieces of meat floating around in a sweet flourescent sauce. Then again the food is different in different regions .


The closest I could find on the Island was at the A cafe near the co op in Douglas.


Will try mrs Yang's over the weekend and see how it is.


There are some very good Chinese restaurants in London. The roast duck (NB not crispy duck) at Four seasons in Chinatown /London is very good (according to a friend from China)

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I think the nearest authentic Chinese is Ma Bo on Nelson Street in Liverpool China Town. Its like a 1960's Chinese greasy spoon. Vinyl floor tiles (many of which have missing corners) formica tables and no credit cards. Chinese duck hanging in the window. Rudest staff you could ever hope not to meet. But the food is not westernised or watered down flavour and texture wise. Often I'm the only non Chinese eating there.


Here I like New Hong Kong, which is Asian fusion nowadays rather than the greasy spoon takeaway it used to be. I'm trying Mrs Yang's next week with friends, based on the recommendation by Gladys.


I've eaten Chinese or Chinese style in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong, plus in Spain and Bulgaria. Xian street food was amazing, Hong Kong was great and the adaptations by euro Chinese to suit the local palate from country to country and local expectations never ceases to amaze.


New York China Town is very very good.

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Tried Mrs Yang's this evening. Very nice decor. Completely mobility impaired inaccessible, three short flights of steps but not even handrails. Starters were good. The aubergine in soy and garlic was spectacular and both of the types of dumpling were good. Mains were ok, but portions small for the price. Very little sauce meant a big mound of rice which was dry and inedible. A pleasant location, well presented, pleasant service. Food was good. Portion size at small lets the place down. Not cheap for what it was.

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If you are going to spend 2 or 3 hours sitting down, in company, eating, comfortable chairs, warmth, and a room that looks good and isn't cavernous or decorated in jarring clashing colours is better than an off putting venue? Think its called ambience, good ambience can affect how the food is perceived. Part of the whole experience.

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It's all about the compliment of 'taste'. Nothing like biting into perfect al dente penne whilst admiring the renaissance-era rococo plaster ceiling bathed in the warm glow of subdued lighting. It's that or the Terrace chippy...

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