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late night rumbles

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Not been sleeping too well over the past few weeks, and as such, find myself awake at odd times during the night.


I've started to notice a low rumble noise - from outside, from about 1:30am.


My 1st thoughts when I heard it, was the bedside radio power supply vibrating against the panel, so I switched it off - still happens. Moved the phone and charger, switched off the bed side lights and everything else I can think of over the nights I've been awake.


It sounds just like that sound you hear in the fog, when a heavy boat passes the coast. Low frequency, dull rumble that cycles loud to quiet every second or so.


Mentioned it to the Mrs the other night when she got up to her girl thing, and it happens every night.


She thought the same as me, until I told her stuff had been switched off over the nighttime.


Anyone else noticed it? It may be there all the time, only becoming noticeable when the ambient noise levels drops over night. Maybe it's a new flight path over the island, but it's the same dull rumble for hours.


Head out the back door last night for a cup of tea and a quite puff and, yep - outside from the North as far as I can tell in my PJ's without going to stand in the road turning around in circles to get a better direction.


It's got to the point where I wake and listen for it now,and then stay awake because it bloody bugs me.

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There was a thread a few years ago about something similar. I can't remember much else about it, someone who could be bothered might be able to dig it up.


Edit - it might have been started by someone living near nobles park

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