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Had my first visit to MacFarlanes yesterday for lunch. It's one of those restaurants when you enter you don't really know what to expect, as you can't really see in through the windows. They have obviously spent a lot of money fitting it out, what with the wooden wall panels, tartan features and the photos, which I presume were of Scotland.


We were presented with three menus, a lunchtime one, with two courses for £15.00, a standard menu and a specials of the day menu.


I went for the prawn and salmon cocktail as a starter, which was very nice and the prawns used were of good quality.


For the mains I had the steak pie, which came with mashed potato. I have never had a pie like it, it was a square slab about 4" x 4" and 2" high and under the shortcrust pastry it was just wall to wall meat. The steak was cooked to perfection, but there was nothing else in there, it would have been nice if it had the odd bit of onion or a mushroom to break up the momentary of just eating meat. We were provided with a small dish of vegetables for the table, but not really enough to go round seven of us.


For pudding I had the Creme Brulee which was very good.


Will visit again in the future, but may stay away from the pie.

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A "steak pie" with steak in it as advertised...

Does Rhumsaa know?



I'm monitoring the situation

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