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Traffic chaos


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It's not about the fact that it may only be 15 or 20 minutes here and there (over the course of a working week that's over an hour), but the fact that it's totally unnecessary! A little bit of common sense and communication would make the world of difference.


It's all relative, wow you were stuck on a motorway for an hour? Good for you, but you may have failed to notice we don't have motorways here so that comparison is irrelevant.


The gas work can't be that urgent as if it was the road would be closed under an emergency road closure order. The prom isn't that time precious either although it does desperately need doing.


There should only be one 'disruptive' scheme at a time happening in Douglas.

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with Greeba bridge presently closed with a fallen tree, on top of the Foxdale stuff, I wonder if the Peel buses are diverting via Dalby or Injebreck laugh.png



IoM Bus and Rail @iombusandrail 9m9 minutes ago

Due to the Peel Road Closure at Greeba services to Peel and Ramsey will be severely disrupted. An update will be made as soon as possible.

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sounds like it's gridlock up the back of the Hope (Mrs TF stuck in a queue)

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It will get them used to the idea that before too long they will lose parking on one side of Loch Prom when the horse tram tracks are moved to the sea-side of the road. Not quite sure why the tracks are being moved but DOI are never wrong so it must make sense...

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