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Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

Douglas Prom

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I'm fairly certain, perhaps I am wrong though, that the Courthouse was paid for by public subscription for the common good.

Not quite.


Northern Courts were held in church halls and all sorts of odd places.


A new court was being built in Douglas by the Duke of Atholl as Governor out of revenues belonging to the Crown after revestment (on the southernmost extremity of North Quay where one small bit of it remains).


The Lt Governor asked for funds to build a Ramsey Court. The UK Treasury provided the land out of Island revenues and the majority of the building work wasfinanced by publicly raised funds, not taxation. It was supposed to be a court house and an public assembly rooms for Ramsey and the North.


It was almost identical to the one in Douglas, designed by the same architect, who also designed the Castlemona (Steuart)


Not sure exactly what is being sold off.


Some of the group in Ramsey who want to preserve it apparently claim it cant be sold because it is held on trust for the use of the people of Ramsey and once no longer required as a Court should be returned to them.


Worth remembering there wasn't a Ramsey Town council back then, there's no trust deed. It belonged to the Crown in its right of Mann and was transferred to the Government Property Trustees along with all of the Crown Property by a deed numbered 1947/1 in the Deeds Registry, which included Castle Rushen, Peel castle and lost of other interesting bits and pieces

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