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Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

Douglas Prom

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I think the Courthouse main room is smaller than the CC


I suppose I am just saying that simply because it's a smaller space it doesn't preclude it from being used as a community arts centre?

I've only been in the main room when it was being used as a court. It's a fair size. There are three or 4 rooms behind to use as dressing rooms etc.


I'm not sure of ceiling height. The space above the former police station has an upstairs, the inspectors room, the court room had a false suspended ceiling all the time I ever appeared there. You need quite a high ceiling if to are to have either raked seating or room above any stage area to suspend lighting etc.


Is there a basement? I seem to remember a cell down some stairs ( as part of a group on a conducted tour, not a prisoner!)



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plenty kicking off now on Facebook, vader's pages.





(there's more to being a Minister than swaggering your ego aroung your manor like you was the bees knees)

Link, chaps? 😊

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Bump. Couldn't make the public meeting tonight so would appreciate comments from anyone who was there. Thanks.

The hall was full and the general impression given was that there are other options, but initially lets not be provocative and see how it plays out before plans are put into play.


Then members of the audience were invited to speak and fell into four categories.


1. Short and sensible.

2. People who clearly liked the sound of their own voice.

3. raging conspiracy theorists wanting to have everyone in the government arrested.

4. People who didn't seem to know much about the situation but wanted to say something anyway.


It was hot. It lasted a tiny little bit too long, mainly due to people falling into category 2 above, and the sound reinforcement system was well up to school-hall grade in that it repeatedly went into loud feedback unless everyone whispered inaudibly.


Highlights of the evening were the turnout, a completely rabid rant about bribery involving stuffed brown envelopes and the look on the face of Dr Alex when someone rather inappropriately demanded he resign immediately.

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Raging conspiracy theorists will rage, but you can't help admitting that the whole thing is very odd. The speed at which it was put on the market with no warning (and apparently with events planned to take place there); the lack of information on the Chrystals site; the vagueness over what was included in the package (I believe the estate agents weren't even aware of whether the land was included as well); the fact that a closing date has been put on the sale of 31 March; the comparatively low price for the area of land included (£475k). All this suggests an attempt to rush something through with a preferred purchaser in mind. The only plausible other alternative is an attempt to realise some cash before the end of the financial year - but the point of a fire sale is that the vendor doesn't get good value.


So at best it's incompetence and fecklessness with public property for some petty internal civil service reason. At worst it's corruption. There really has to be ministerial intervention in this very strange situation or Malarkey and Allinson will find themselves tarred with the latter (though I doubt either are personally involved).

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It isn't cheap though Roger. At all.


It's a limited use site with a listed building on it. It needs significant investment as a private enterprise.


The estate agent is responsible for what they publish. And at the end of the day their only real job is to raise the interest that someone wants to view it.


I would be very surprised to see it in private hands because it isn't some golden goose of an investment

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